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Your Startup Is A Rock and Roll Band… My Presentation at TechLoft Tel Aviv

Due to weather, this evening’s presentation at TechLoft Tel Aviv has been cancelled.  (it was going to be on the deck at TechLoft) .   I am, however offering to give any startup 30 minutes  from 17:30 to 22:00 –  on the half hour for help on your pitch, your message, how to reach media, or address any issues you are facing in your communications challenges.

Call me at 054-321-6176 to schedule.   We’ll do this at my hotel – Mazeh 56.  

The core premise of the discussion was based on studying and playing music for the last 50 years,  and my  belief sets about music being the original code with great story telling.

I see way too many startups with great code, great UI and little and generally no story telling.  My discussion addressed the art of story telling in the context of a building and sustaining a startup and its role in adding value to a company.

Story telling, having a voice, and the on-going narrative is a reflection of the startup’s heart and soul.   It also becomes the body of work which will help the startup recruit talent, gain investors, attract customers, build partnerships and be discovered by the media.   It is the later that he will focus on.  My discussion was not be about how to pitch media, but rather, how to prepare yourself to best work with the media by having not only a great product or service, but a body of work that will separate you from your competitors.

Early on, if you are able to build not only your message, but your story, your company’s narrative and it’s verbal brand, it will provide for another layer of something defensible you can add to your company’s intellectual assets.

Hope to connect with some of you tonight….



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