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Your Press Releases Aren’t Just for The Press…

When I tell people I do "PR," the usual response is: "Oh, you do media stuff, don’t you?"

The answer is: sort of. 

Yes, I am good at doing the media thing, as well as the analysts and blogger thing.

But there is more to doing the execution of "PR" than just the press.

Consider Your Other Publics

Aside from the media, your other publics include your suppliers, partners, competitors, investors, customers and of course, your employees / team members.

Think of Your Employees / Team Members As One of Your Main Publics

1. When you are releasing news on a wire service like BusinessWire or PRNewswire, be sure and send your team an email with with URL to the Yahoo Business link when it gets posted to the Internet.

2. Tell them why they are a critical component of your company’s success and why this announcement matters.

3.  Encourage your employees / team members to pass it on.  Are there some leads they could generate from this news?  How about letting their own family and friends know that the company they work for / with is up to?

4.  Ask for feedback.  Are we saying the right thing?  Do they understand what you are trying to communicate?  You never know when one of your R&D or engineering people might have an interesting insight that you in marketing may not have though of? This is also a great way to make sure that everyone on your team is telling "their publics" the same message.

5.  Print the press release as it appears on Yahoo Finance and pass them out – yes on paper.  Paper never forgets.

Got any other suggestions?  send me an email to: alan at weinkrantz dot com. 

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