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Yesterday’s Presentation at InnoTech – Never Forget the Human Touch

While I am all gung-ho for social networking and making new "friends" online, I started off my talk at yesterday’s InnoTech Conference with an anecdote:  I was introduced to fellow speaker, Giovanni Galucci, through a former client, and buddy, (and social media expert) Chris Brogan, through what else?  Social Networking.

So, Giovanni lives in Dallas, and since I travel back and forth to Dallas, we tried to meet in person many times, but we just could not connect.  Finally, we met in person in San Antonio at yesterday’s events.

Which takes me to a simple premise that you should never forget:  with all the wonders of social media, you still need the human touch – and the need to meet and shake hands in person.

Giovanni gave a great talk that not only talked about the work his firm, Dexerity Media does, but tied real metrics to what he does.

Highlights of our talk can be found in the article which local tech writer, Laura Loreck, did on our respective presentations.

Thanks all of you who attended.

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