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Yes, I Am On FaceBook. (Thank You Chris Brogan)

I never thought I would do this, but I am now on Facebook.

I have to credit blogging pal, Chris Brogan for this and I thank you Chris.   

In the time I spent with Chris working on, he never knew this but in the process of working with him, he actually became a virtual social media mentor to me.

If you make it a habit of reading Chris Brogan’s blog on a daily basis, you will not only learn about social media and community building, but you will get a daily dose of inspiration on work, wealth, family, taking care of yourself, oh- and yes, social media and community building.

While I am testing Facebook as a way to develop new business and expand my business horizons, I was pretty surprised of people that I knew or have met in my past that were also on this social media platform.

If you are on Facebook, and want to be my "friend," I would love to hear from you.   And by the way, like Jeff Pulver, I decided to belong the Israel network and not a local network in San Antonio where I reside. 

I "live" here, but most of my business life, several family members, and many friends live there.

I consider Israel very much my home and Facebook brings me that much closer to those I work with and consider my friends.

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  1. I just added you as a friend, which of course you really are (thus no quotes). Welcome to the Facebook crowd. 🙂


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