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Xilas to Collaborate with University of Texas Health Science Center

Our client, Xilas Medical, Inc. announced today that it has been selected by the Texas Emerging Technology Fund to be awarded a $1.0 million grant.

By accepting these funds, Xilas agrees to expedite the commercialization of its family of clinically tested, proprietary medical device products for the diagnosis and prevention of foot-related problems pertaining to people with diabetes. More than 100 companies went through the proposal process in applying for the grant and Xilas is one of 8 who were selected to receive the award.

"We are very pleased and honored to have been awarded this grant by the State of Texas," stated Don Lawson, Xilas CEO. "Receiving this grant says a great deal not only about our technology and products that we are bringing to market, but its potential impact on helping to improve the lives of those who suffer from Diabetes while reducing the cost of delivering medical and social services to these high risk individuals."

Xilas Collaborates With University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio

In addition to using these funds to promote an increase of high-quality jobs in Texas, Xilas will also initiate a program that will benefit high-risk people with diabetes immediately. According to Xilas CEO, Don Lawson, there are currently over 95,000 Texas Medicaid citizens with diabetes and the situation of debilitating foot complications, specifically ulceration and amputation, contributes significantly to the $408 million that was spent on these individuals in 2003. This amount, as documented by the Texas Diabetes Council in its 2006 report, "The Changing Face of Diabetes," can be expected to increase dramatically in the coming years as the state’s population grows rapidly and becomes older and more diverse.

Xilas will undertake a program to identify and distribute 1,000 of its TempTouch(TM) dermal thermometers per year for each of the next five years to high-risk Texas Medicaid citizens with diabetes. This program will be managed in collaboration with the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio (UTHSCSA), which has a network of clinics, such as the Texas Diabetes Institute, that operate as a part of the University training program. These clinics are already involved with many of the high-risk patients that can most benefit from the use of the TempTouch.

Dr. Lawrence B. Harkless, D.P.M., Professor of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at UTHSCSA and Chairman of the Texas Diabetes Council, commented that "we are very pleased to be of assistance in the efforts of Xilas to bring its Diabetic foot prevention products to high risk Texas citizens. The complications associated with diabetes have a significant effect on the quality of life of our citizens, their family members and their communities. We hope that this project can lead to significant improvements in their lives and have a positive impact on our Texas Healthcare System."

The TempTouch is an infrared thermometer that has been proven effective in three National Institutes of Health (NIH) clinical trials. The device is used at home by a person with diabetes to detect and prevent ulceration before it develops and potentially leads to amputation. Xilas believes that on the basis of its prior clinical work, as well as commercial projects undertaken to date, the use of the TempTouch can prevent amputations and have a tremendous impact on the quality of life of people with diabetes. For this project, the 1,000 TempTouch devices per year will be provided at no cost to the individual or the State, and Company officials estimate the savings to the Texas healthcare system could be as high as $81 million over the five-year period.

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