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Xilas Medical, Inc. Announces Availability of GlideSoft® Insole

Today at the American Association of Diabetes Educators Exhibition, our client, Xilas Medical, Inc., announced that it is now shipping its new product, the GlideSoft® insoles. The insoles, which are designed for diabetic patients, uses a unique combination of low friction materials and elastic bands to greatly decrease friction and pressure on the bottom of the foot. This reduces the incidence of foot blisters and ulcers, which can lead to potential ulceration and amputation for people with diabetes. 

Frictional stress on the foot may be the critical initiating factor for the destructive cascade of events leading to ulcerations and amputations.  Our client’s product has been clinically proven to reduce friction better than standard insoles generally used by diabetics.

The GlideSoft uses patented shear modulation technology to decrease frictional forces on the bottom of the foot while walking. In a six-month study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Xilas showed that its insoles can reduce friction stresses on the foot by up to 700 percent. The International Diabetes Federation states that a diabetes epidemic is underway with more than 194 million people worldwide currently suffering from the disease. One third of all diabetics are at high risk for foot problems such as ulcers and sores that can potentially lead to amputations.

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