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Coverage on Wire Services Such As AP (Associated Press) Leads to National and International Syndication

Xilas Medical
, has recently been on the radar of two major media outlets.

Here is coverage in the Associated Press and the International Herald Tribune.

AP Medical Reporter, Lauren Neergaard, succinctly sends a message that Diabetics should test for hot spots to avoid ulcers- pointing to Xilas’s TempTouch device.

The power of the a media outlet such as the Associated Press, means that your coverage gets syndicated through it the AP’s news bureaus around the world.

As shown in the AP story above, the story was reported on an FM radio’s news site, but the source for the story is the AP.   And being the diabetes, and more specifically, diabetes of the foot is a global problem.

In the U.S. along, over 500,000 Americans suffer from foot ulcers each year because they are slow to notice the wound in their numbed feet.  Moreover, about 80,000 Americans undergo amputations of toes, feet and lower legs every year because the foot ulcers are slow to heal or become infected. 

Xilas’ $150 TempTouch® provides the patient with an "early warning" of inflammation and potential ulceration. Our product is designed as a non-invasive, predictive, self-management tool to be used at home by the patient on a daily basis. The methodology used in previous clinical trials was to compare temperatures of one foot to the other in like positions

Disclosure:  Xilas has not only been a client, but I am also an investor in the company.

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