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Wyclef Jean’s power as Brand for Social Good – The Chris Sacca Interview During the #140Conf / NY – June 2009

Last June at the #140Conf / New York, I had the opportunity to sit back stage while listening to Chris Sacca as he interviewed Wyclef Jean.  As the event was happening, so did the situation in Iran, where people took to the streets, using social media to protest the oppression.  

Watch the video, where Chris talks about the impact of Wyclef having 300,000 followers.  And now fast forward to today where he has almost 1.4 million followers.  As the situation in Haiti came to pass, he broadcasted his own message: “Please text ‘Yéle’ to 501501 to donate $5 to Yéle Haiti. Your money will help with relief efforts. They need our help.”

Though only six months old, this video seems ages ago, given Wyclef’s rapid ascent in the twitterverse where someone like him can use the power of personal brand for social good

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