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Working With Bloggers

Do you have a blogging strategy in place?  If not, you should.  Start thinking about a blogging strategy as you begin to finalize your communications plan for 2006.

Here are some examples of how we have worked with bloggers on behalf of our clients:

·     One of our clients is a blogger, and we promote his blog as part of our media strategy.  Most recently, The Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune, The Economist, and several leading telecommunications publications covered a blog entry we promoted.  Often times our client’s blog is a source for leading journalists who need a quote or insight into an industry specific market or public policy issue.

·     We have another client where part of our strategy is to place bloggers on the same level as industry analysts- often briefing them in advance of important announcements.  Many analysts also blog, so this can be an effective dual-pronged effect that really pays off.

·     In another case, we have one client where we successfully had a product reviewed by leading bloggers in advance of the general release.  The blogging coverage lead to further exposure in mainstream consumer publications such as PC Magazine.

·     Prior to a recent tradeshow, we had one of our clients brief several bloggers who blogged about our client in the context of a state of the industry story, pointing to our client’s technological leadership.

·   Personally, I just promoted a blog about a house that I have for sale.  You may view the blog at: In the last three weeks, The Wall Street Journal, CBS, our local newspaper, The San Antonio Express News, and several leading residential real estate industry bloggers have written about this as a unique method of trying to sell a home.  (The house is now under contract!).

Targeting the Right Bloggers

Targeting the right blogger(s) you want to build a relationship with need not be complex. Understanding your position in the marketplace is crucial to the success of your business, and crucial for determining which blogger you wish to pursue.

Identifying the right bloggers for your company and products requires awareness.  You must read the trades, read online media, attend trade shows and other industry events and see who is speaking- and blogging. Get to know the blogger. Who is blogging about your competitors? Which bloggers are critiquing the market niche you wish to dominate? And take notes.

Where Do You Find Bloggers?

There are a variety of ways to find bloggers who cover your space.  Start off by looking at Google’s Blogsearch, Technorati, and Blogdigger.  There are many more, but this is a good way to start. 

And if you are thinking about blogging for your company, my personal favorite resource to learn about blogging in the context of a business strategy is Business Week’s Blogspotting blog which you may view at:

Bloggers Really Matter
Do not underestimate the importance of bloggers who cover your market space.  Bloggers can help you evangelize your technology and products, reinforce your message and provide independent and reliable coverage to support your thought leadership.

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