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Working a Trade Show

Tradeshows are great venues for meeting in person with journalists and analysts. Here’s a few tips for being successful at your next tradeshow or conference:

1. Get the press / analyst list from the show promoter 2 – 3 weeks before the event.
2. Target the right contacts who you think should meet with you and not the whole list.
3. Send a short email pitch telling them who you are and what you want to discuss.
4. Once you have an appointment confirm one week before.
5. Ask them for their cell number, so that in the event you need to connect at the show, you can.
6. If you can provide advance news, do so. Most journalists will respect embargos.
7. If you told the person you have set up a meeting with a specific person, make sure that happens.
8. Offer your press kit, but also offer to email the press kit documents.
9. Follow up after the show.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of your relationship and hopefully an on-going dialogue.

P.S. See today’s story in The Boston Globe about VON, the show we were supporting AudioCodes and FWD Communications, a company.

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