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Why I Did Not Blog From Cuba

I have just returned from a four day trip to Cuba with Jewish Federation of San Antonio.  I went legally because the U.S. lets groups go for humanitarian or religous purposes.  My intent was to blog and post photos in the context of the messages the Cuban people see and hear. 


Our hotel had wireless in the lobby and while it was slower than the wireless you would find at Starbucks, it was functional. 

The first day I was there, I could not get on to TypePad, my blogging platform.  So, as a work-around, I wrote the text and emailed to a friend who posted it for me from the U.S. side.

In addition to posting that day, I uploladed some sample photos at Flickr.  I really did not think much of what I was doing until we went to a briefing at the U.S. Interest Section, a sort of Embassy in Havana, since we don’t really have offical relations with the Cuban government.  While the person who briefed us gave the usual Department of State party line, he did describe some the conditions of the jail cells and how they don’t like people who write about their government of way of life. 

Even though  I was doing this as a blogger and not a journalist, I thought it would be best to take my photos and the one blog entry down.  Maybe I over reacted, but my instinct said to just do it.

I am still recovering from my trip. Mr. Castro sent me home with a gift: I have been sitting on the toilet off and on today and drinking Pepto Bismol.

I will post again within a few days.  I just need to catch up on real life work.  In the mean time, please visit my photos.

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2006

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