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Why You Should You Think of Your Startup’s Blog as Being More Like On-Going Liner Notes

Way before the iPod, the CD, the cassette, or the 8-track tape, we had record albums.  


Me. Abbey Road. February 2011

One of the joys of buying an ablum was not just the music experience of discovering Led Zepplin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, or the Beach Boys, but reading the liner notes that were part of the fabric and story behind the album.  There was something special to collecting and hearing these musical gifts on vinyl.

What did this song mean?  Who wrote the lyrics?  Who played on what instrument?  The fact that John Entwistle played french horn on Tommy was a big deal to me.  Imagine a rock and roll bassist trained in classical music. Or, taking a walk by Electric Lady Land Studios in New York where Hendrix recorded was like going by one of the holiest shrines of rockdom in the world.      

Are You Pitching On Your Blog or Telling A Story?

Part of what you are doing as you bring your startup to life, or grow and evolve into a really big deal, is illustrating your passion about doing something that you care about.  

If logic prevailed, you would not be doing this.  Risking your time, money, and energy can consume you.  Failing can really suck.  And living in a constant state of uncertainty can leave you feeling like you are out of control.

Or not.

Being liberated from a traditional job, doing something you want to do or something you believe in as opposed to working on someone elses’s corporate objectives suddenly puts your brain (and your heart) into a different state of being.

Use this time in your team’s lives to think of yourselves as writing code that will become the next Sgt. Pepper.  

Rise Above the Code and Story Tell

Your startup’s blog, as liner notes, become the editorial fabric which help define your positioning.

This is part of the process of rising Above The Code.


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