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Why You Should Lease and Not Buy The New #MacBookPRO Retina Display


I lease and never buy Macs for my business.

Every other October, I walk into the Apple Store at NorthStar Mall and get a new MacBook.  I don’t go into my business’ cash flow, and I don’t put my purchase on a credit card.  

I lease my computers through Apple’s leasing partnership with G.E. Credit.  You can learn more here.  Apple does offer interest free financing (through G.E. Credit) if you pay off the balance within 12 months.  The only downside to that is that you wind up owning the machine – something I don’t want to do.

If you’re a small business, a start-up, or sole practionier, you should consider leasing, rather than buying your next Mac.

Much will depend on the structure of your business, years in business, your credit history, etc.  If you plan to move up to the new MacBook Pro / Retina Display, it’s something to consider.

At the end of two years, you have the option to buy the machine for its residual value, or send it back. 

My current payment for the MacBook Pro I currently own – or rather, lease, is $80.00 per month. Over a period of two years it winds up being more or less what I would have paid for it if I had laid out the cash.  But then, I don’t want to be stuck with a two year old machine because this machine is the machine that drives my income, my life, and helps me be more productive.  I suspect the new machine being more expensive will run about $120 per month.

In October 2012, I’m getting the newest and best MacBook Pro with the Retina Display. 

In October 2014, I’ll be back with whatever will be next and keep moving up, with the intent of moving my business and the joys of being self employed continuosly up the food chain of life.

Talk to your accountant.  Or your Mom & Dad.  Highly recommended.

P.S. – here’s what’s for sale on eBay for used MacBook Pros.  Currently there are 20,000 configurations and price points you’ll be competing against when you go to sell your used MacBook.


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  1. Hi Alan – I’m not a fan of leases. Leasing agreements are always setup to be in the favor of the company leasing the product, and not the leasee.This is why Dave Ramsey, financial minister that he is, calls leases “fleeces”.The MacBook Pro that you’re leasing for $80 per month, probably originally cost something like $1,500+. For the cost to you of $1,920 you’re left with nothing at the end of the agreement, no way to recoup even a little of your costs.The new MacBook pro – which I purchased, with cash, from Amazon last night – will run you $2,199 new (Or $2,799 at the higher end) and cost you, as you say, probably $120 per month.That $120 per month spread out over 24 months comes out to $2,880. You’re overpaying $681 for the “privilege” to pay over time.I have seven mouths to feed in our office here, we have five 27″ iMac’s within spitting distance of where I’m sitting right now. Every time a Mac gets replaced, someone in the chain gets an upgrade.Mac’s keep their value more than any other Laptop style on the market, and you can easily recoup about half of your original purchase value for a two year old MacBook Pro. My 15″ i7 could net me about $800 – $1,200 on eBay or Craigslist just going off of the “Completed Auctions” search there.So I invested $1,500 in cash, I could then re-purpose the laptop here within my company, or sell the laptop for about half of that cost, but let’s say conservatively I can get $700 back. I have spent $800 total to use that computer for those two years.You invest $80 per month, a total of $1,920. You don’t own anything at the end of your “fleece” and you are out a total of $1,920, or $1,120 more than I would be buying the computer outright and reselling the thing for about 50% of it’s purchase price.You’re paying twice as much as me, for the same computer.Ironically, isn’t that always what PC people say we do in that grand Mac vs. PC debate? Pay twice the price for the same product?Don’t get fleeced, pay cash!


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