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Why Writing For SEO’s Robots Suck

Most of what I write about here is about Technology Public Relations, Social Media Strategies and Content Development.  

Into the mix, I might toss in something about music, some of the travels I get to do, and the sponsorship develop I help Jeff Pulver on for the #140Conf Events.


Robot shot on location by me in Tel Aviv.

Earlier this year, I had Ryan Kelly and his very smart team at Pear Analytics help me address my SEO strategies. They have a terrific service which returns a report recommending the basics of key word strategies I need to use in order to be found.  They’ve also just launched a free e-book on SEO for your site.  

While I am a believer in SEO, I don’t write for SEO;  I write to SEO, and do so in my own voice.  I think writing to SEO enables you to be real, be strategic, and hopefully be found.

Being Found.  But By Who?  And Why?

Have a plan on how and why you want to be found.  I have specific reasons and so should you.   My goals may be different than yours, but regardless of what your goals are – the point is to have a goal (or goals)….

1.  I want to be found by propsective clients.  

Even in the selling process, I encourage clients-to-be to read my content after an initial call.

Rather than telling him / her about all the successes (and failure) we’ve had, where we’ve helped clients like them get amazing press and analyst coverage, or how (supposedly connected we are, I 

2.  I want to help educate clients on how this all works.

When a current client does not get what my team and I are doing, or why we do it, I’ll have a converstaion and follow up with a short email which includes a related (and expanded) blog post on the subject we covered.

3.  I want to be found by journalists, bloggers and analysts.

I write about my clients or projects that I am working on in hopes we’ll be found and be source material for possible stories, blog posts or analyst coverage.

So how about you? What are you goals in being found, and how are you being found?


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