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Why #Startups Are The Next Generation of Multinationals


Think of your startup as crossroads of connecting many contentents.  

Photo by me shot at Gare du Nord – Paris.

Startups are the next generation of multinational companies because when you’re on the Internet, being in  U.S., Germany, Israel, Korea or Australia does not really matter.   

I’m not talking about companies like WalMart, Exxon or Toyota that are in theFortune Global 500 list.  It’s about the next generation of multinationals.

Croatia-based Farmeron helps farmers.  In Iowa and all over the world. is a global discovery music service.  From Israel.  Want to know what’s happending in Berlin’s startup scene?  You’ll want to follow Caroline Drecker voice.

Businesses, organizations and billions of consumers all over the world are looking for better and more efficient ways to do business, shop and discover what’s new

If you’re building a startup, think global.  

Look for co-founders far away.   

They are thinking like you are.  They may even have the same idea.  And that’s OK.  Join forces and all of a sudden you’re a next generation multinational.

You could and should be part of the next generation of web-based multinationals that have, and know, no geographic barriers.


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  1. I just finished reading Becky McCray’s Small Town Rules Book. She mentioned the “Anywhen” factor written about on a few occasions by Chris Brogan. So many things are pointing to this business model. It amazes me a lot when people who don’t understand this think it is not possible. The term multinational will help me explain it to them. Thanks Alan!


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