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Why Serendipity & Discovery Should Be Part of Your PR Strategy….

Serendipity?  As a PR Strategy?  No, this is not a hippie-dippie post about solving world peace.  It’s about a principle that I am finding that more and more, serendipity and discovery — and being found or discovered by a journalist / analyst / blogger can be an effective PR strategy.  If you share interesting and useful content on places like Foursquare or Twitter really that really matter in the context of your company’s market segment, it can contribute to your being a trusted source to the media at large.   

Watch / Listen to Robert Scoble’s interview with Dennis Crowley above.  Repeat again.

1. Put it into the context of your PR strategies.  

2. Share what you are learning at trade shows and conferences.  

3. Shout out to a really great customer who is doing something really amazing with your technology platform.  

4. Recommend great places to stay, eat and check out when you are visiting an industry analyst.  

5. Connecting with partners at a sales event?  Ask them for suggestions of cool places to go and see when you travel and thank them.

6. Promote your own city where you work and live and invite journalists, analysts, and bloggers into your world when they visit where you live.  

Trust this process and put to work for you.  

Yes, it really works.

When applied and sustained.


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