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Why Israel Is A Recharge Zone

This week will mark my fifth trip to Israel this year.

I’ve been traveling back and forth for seventeen years and have been fortunate to help launch and grow some very innovative and successful companies.

While there are certainly many other centers (particularly in the U.S.) of technology, what makes Israel unique is not just the great things that come for here, but rather the concentration and sheer number of people involved in the startup scene.

Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, Portland, Austin, and yes, San Antonio where I am based, have startup scenes, but to travel the U.S. to discover, connect and just hang out, requires lots of travel.

When you’re in Israel, you’re generally no more than an hour or so from a great event, a conference, trade show, or meetup.

It’s just easier to quickly scan the universe of digital thinking and what’s on the mind of coders building and making the next big thing.

I think of Israel as a recharge zone.

Spending one week here gives me a burst of inbound energy and spirit.

It’s a place to rejoice in the human spirit, bounded only imagination, a willingness to try new things, disrupt and reinvent.

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