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Why I’m Mentoring at Startup Weekend San Antonio – July 20 @Geekdom

Four years ago, Jennifer Navarrete told me about a very cool idea she was importing to San Antonio.  It was called Startup Weekend.  

For a bit of history’s sake, you can read her post about the event from May 2008.

Like so many forward thinking events Jennifer was bringing to San Antonio, she was really the first person in town bring together these types of startup events.

Fast forward four years, StartupWeekend has matured and is now coming to Geekdom.  If it wasn’t for Jennifer’s forward thinking, much of what is happening today, would never have come to fruition.


Startup Weekend San Antonio @Geekdom

Being a mentor at any startup event, of any kind, in any part of the world is an important thing to do because it will keep you fresh, give you an insight into what young minds are thinking, and will spark your own brain.

You can be a lawyer, a doctor, a PR & branding person like me or an architect. It does not mattter what you do.  What matters is that if you are open to discovering what our next generation is working on, it will help you realize that all the bullshit and bad news you read in the media may be factually true, but totally wrong when it comes to what’s on the horizon.

It’s Not About Succeeding.  It’s About Collaborating.

Try taking next weekend off from all media and spend your weekend at Startup Weekend San Antonio.  

In doing so, you will discover the real news coming the economy is that places like Geekdom are living laboratories for where great thinkgs are being created, makers and builders are learning to collaborate and team, creating a new model and culture of doing business where it’s not about succeeding; it’s about collaborating.  It’s about randomonly showing up and meeting co-founders you team with, learn how to give up and share power, work towards a collective objective, and positively disrupt.

This type of culture is what’s driving the generation of multinational startups.

Pay attention to this shift.  

It’s happening next Saturday in San Antonio at Geekdom.


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