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Why I Hate SEO and Love Pear Analytics

I’ve been following my friend, Ryan Kelly’s company, Pear Analytics’ progress over the last two years in their approach of what I would call the democratization and self-empowerment of SEO.

While I know SEO is important, I’ve always had a problem with the notion that being forced to use certain key word, and sometimes certain phraseology, could possibly compromise the quality of my writing and more importantly, my voice.

New Year’s Resolution #1:  Being Found

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to improve my SEO and be found.  As a High Tech PR consultant I work in a very competitive field and wanted to improve my search results not only through better writing, but writing that could be found.


Pear Analytics offers a variety of services, and as a start, I tried their Keyword Research offering, which at $249.00 is a great value. For a little more, Pear can provide the keyword research, competitive analysis (reverse engineering your competitors rankings), and a full site audit on their Starter Plan for just $899.

Upon receiving the initial report (see 2 samples here), I also had a 30-minute phone consultation that helped me understand and focus what I should be aiming to write about in the context of key words.


While most of this turned out to be common sense, the real benefit of this particular service was that it shed light on a ranking of priority of search terms I should be using, and how, without compromising my writing style and voice, I could benefit from their research methodology.

30 Days Later…It’s Working.

I took my Pear Analytics Consultant’s advise and I’ve already seen a difference:  I’m on page one on certain terms, and in some cases page two;  a dramatic improvement of what I was experiencing before.

At the end of the day, this is a combination of common sense, good writing, and on-going publishing. 

 And therein lies the real challenge for many of us:  finding the time and having the focus to write quality, helpful, relevant and searchable content that can be found.

It’s the later where Pear Analytics came through.

Highly Recommended.

Artwork courtesy of Pear Analytics


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