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Why Details Really Matter….

I look at the little things — the details that make a difference.


1. Today, a PR person here reached out to me and I noticed that her title was misspelled. This is someone in communications….

2. Last week I went through a pitch deck from a startup. On a Mac it looked terrible. It looked fine an a Windows machine. They never checked to see how it displayed on a Mac, let alone mobile — especially an iPad.

3. The week before, I was going over some social communications strategies with a startup, and asked about their use of Twitter as a means of research and engagement. Their response: “Israelis don’t user twitter…”

4. Today I spoke with a company about helping them on some communications issues. They were on their cell — in the street — very noisy. Impossible to hear and help them.

These little things make a big difference.

If you are going to compete and win on a global stage, make sure you think about the receiving end, in a very crowded and noisy world.

Pay attention to detail.

Investors, partners, customers look at this not just that you took the time to make sure your ducks are all in a row, but that you and your team will be one that they will want to do business, and engage with….

(photo by me… shot in Ankara – May 2014)

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