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Why Asking Me If I Have Any “Big Ideas” May Not Be The Right Question

Half-way through a recent meeting with a prospective client, he came out and asked me, “so… what’s your opinion on what I have told you so far, and do you have any ideas?”

While I was flattered to have someone ask my opinion, let alone ask if had any “big ideas,” I had to politely explain that it would be irresponsible on my part to blurt out some ideas without taking the time to better understand the client-to-be’s business, its operations and communications challenges it might be facing.

As a communications advisor to clients, I never start with PR or Social Media, or heaven forbid, “an idea.”  

I look at business processes, user experience and how emerging communications platforms on the social Internet are disrupting the communications cycle and impacting the company’s business.  

Sure, I’m wired for helping clients develop messages and getting them to the right publics.  But along the way, and getting there, it never starts with an idea – it’s identifying and solving basic business problems and opportunities that drives the big idea.

And that can lead to something very big.

Photo shot on location at AudioCodes world headquarters, Lod, Israel by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2010

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