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Who Do We Know vs. Knowing How To Sell

The single most asked question I get from prospective clients is if we have connections to a particular publication, media outlet, or industry analyst research firm.  While it certainly would make my job easier if I could respond with an absolute vote of confidence with: "….oh sure, we personally know and work with all 300 analysts at Gartner or the 30 or so business editors at The New York Times," the realities are that while I certainly consider us well connected, it is physically impossible to have on going relationships with every journalist and anlaysts in the technology universe. 

And the realities are this: if you have a good story and a well thought out media strategy, you don’t have to be "connected."  You have to know how to send short pitches and will generate a response, even if it’s a "no."

I have personally sold stories in major media outlets and very industry specific trade publications to journalists I have never worked with.  And I have done many of these through pure email dialogues without ever having a real time phone conversation.

This is more art, than science. 

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