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Where To Buy Trust Agents – I’m currently reading it and already put some of Chris & Julien’s methods to work

Trust Agents Book Cover

From Chris Brogan’s Blog….

I’m grateful for your attention, and happy that we have opportunities to communicate in various places on the web. If you’re interested in having a souvenir of all these interactions, boy have I got the gift for you!

Quick FAQ:

* Yes, there will be a Kindle version.
* Yes, there will be an audio version.
* Your country’s version is for sale. Email me to connect you to the person who manages rights.
* A movie? Let’s be serious.



Where to Buy Trust Agents

in alphabetical order

800 CEO READ (also recommended for bulk orders) (Canada)

Barnes & Noble

Book Depository (UK)



Chapters (Canada)



Buying this book supports the last year’s efforts from Julien and I to better understand the trends beneath the technology, and how they apply to your communications experience going forward. We believe this book will be more than “interesting,” but instead, that it will be useful to you. We’ve worked hard to make that something we can promise.

So thanks, and I look forward to continuing the conversations we’ve been having at the Trust Agents community and here on this blog. My best to you. — Chris…



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Now this is Alan speaking:

I’m in the process of reading “Trust Agents,” and highly recommend it.

It’s practical, philosophical and comes with exercises you can put to work for you, your brand, your company, and more.

Highly Recommended

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