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When Jeff and Chris Went Live With Their Own Internet TV Call in Talk Show

I’m lucky because I get to work with some very smart and interesting people. 

Chris Brogan and Jeff Pulver are showing us how to become our own video broadcasters.

Today, I not only listened and watched my first ever live Internet TV show, but acted as a participant by calling Chris’ cell phone and saying "hi" to Jeff and Chris as I watched them on my computer screen in real time.  (I even complemented Jeff on his new, cool glasses.)

Chris and Jeff were broadcasting using a free service called 

Think YouTube in real time. 

Think broadcasting your own show, reaching out to your community and having the chance to  participate in real time – without the need for a studio, a camera man, lighting, and all the rest of the overhead that goes with TV broadcasting.

I know this is not HD and it’s certainly not the Discovery Channel in HD

But services like and the opportunity to create new forms of video-based user generated content that is broadcast in real time is certainly a compelling way to explore new ways to apply and create with your broadband connection.


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