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When I Am The Firm’s Client

I like to taste our own medicine.  As much as we advise our clients on messaging, strategy, execution, sustainability, and being strategic in planning in advance, once in a while, we try"me" as a client to test and apply our methods of helping our client’s achieve their communications goals.

Dsc_6869Next week, we’re launching a national media campaign for my other blog,  I will be  showcasing my experience and comments in being a trial user of AT&T’s new U-verse IPTV service which is being deployed in San Antonio.

The week of May 22, I’ll be writing about my experience with both AT&T (NYSE: T) and Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) ordering service, disconnecting the cable company, the installation and set-up, and user experience. 

The daily posts will also include a  “Memo to Ed,” which will be suggestions to AT&T chairman Ed Whitacre.  I’ll be  offering Whitacre (or any senior level AT&T executive) the opportunity to come to my house to hang out and watch IPTV on the family’s 56 inch Sony TV.   

Y’all are invited over during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.  We can watch TV, surf the web at blazing speeds, and with a few hours’ advance notice, I’ll even grill steaks.

I currently have three TVs running on the AT&T system that operates a totally wireless home, with the help of Apple AirPort devices. Even the stereo system can be controlled from my Apple PowerBook so he can listen to my iTunes-based music or favorite Internet radio stations.

I am approaching the blog posts as a consumer who enjoys using and trying new technology products and services.

Stay tuned…

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2006

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