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When The Receiving End Isn’t “Ready.”

There are going to be times when in the process of pitching and doing outreach,  the receiving end is just not ready.


The receiving end might be a journalist or blogger you already know and even have a relationship with.

It might be someone you discovered who has an expressed an interest in your company that “could” lead to coverage.

But They Are Just Not Ready

It could be backlog.  It might be the case of their doing research on a trend and your timing was right.  Or it could be breaking news that they have to cover and your story was cast aside for a while.  Or maybe forever.

There’s nothing you can do to control or own the outcome.   But there is one thing you can do.

You Can Be Ready.

Have a body of work.

Be discoverable.

Post useful and most of all, helpful content so that when the receiving end is ready, you’ll be there at the top of list of helpful and insightful sources.

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