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When Not To Follow Up With A Journalist / Analyst / Blogger

After doing PR for almost 30 years, here’s something I have learned:  even when you have a relationship with a journalist or analyst (and in more recent years, and influential blogger), not every pitch sticks, even when there’s been an agreement to proceed with a story.


Journalists, Analysts & Bloggers get really busy.  Sometimes, it’s best to show them some love and let them be until they are back from travels, conferences, or events.  

Heart in Shoebox Top by Maya Gelfman – shot on the streets of Tel Aviv by me.

Recently, I had a great story in the works with a journalist.

The only thing is that she’d gone dark and did not respond, even after we agreed to an exclusive.  

And for good reason:  following her twitter feed and tracking her movement on Facebook, I figured out that she was traveling overseas, going to several conferences and even made some comments on her blog that her email is way overloaded due to backlog and travel.

Probably not a good time to follow up- immediately. 

Big Time Lesson Here And Some Friendly Advise…

Before you push the re-send button, do some homework, and respect that journalists, bloggers and analysts travel and run around quite a bit. 

Unless you are announcing something huge that is going to change the world, and it’s more of an evergreen story, let them be.  

Remember, you’re building (or continuing to build) a relationship, not a one night-stand.

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