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When 3 Israeli Soliders Came To San Antonio

During the recent celebrations and commemorations of Israel’s 60th Anniversary, I helped sponsor three soldiers to come to San Antonio and tell their story of life in Israel from the mind’s eye of a young soldier.

This event had a very special meaning for me because a dear friend of mine, Charlie Levine, who also practices PR in Jerusalem has his son, Zvi, come as part of the contingent of young Ambassadors.

Zvi was one of the youngest gunners on a Super Dvora patrol boat where he was a Typhoon weapons system gunner.

Life in Israel for an 18 year old is different from their counterparts in the U.S.  While Americans are focused on getting into a college or university, Israelis are focused on getting into "the right unit" in the Israel Defense Forces.

I am not saying that one approach is better than the other, but it does seem to me that mandatory military service, no matter from what walk of life you may be from, helps you grow up a bit.

After three years of service, traditional holds that Israelis take off one year to travel and see the world.  Then they return home and apply for their University studies.

Read local media coverage here.

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