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What’s All This Social Media Stuff? I Thought You Did PR…..

Today I received a phone call from a good friend who reads my blog and asked me point blank what the heck I was doing with all this social media stuff in my recent posts.DSC_8021

No, I have not gone off the deep end.

At heart I'm still very much deeply rooted in PR.  

Yup….still doing messaging, strategy, positioning, pitching, editorial calendars and everything else that goes into traditional PR programs.

But as our industry evolves so do I. 

  • I am evolving as a journalist with my contributed columns to my local newspaper, the San Antonio Express News
  • My 3Screens blog continues to grow with influence in the telecom industry and into mainstream media.
  • Video is becoming more and a part of the story telling I am trying to do by helping clients take video, put it on places like YouTube, and use them as a way to pitch to the media and help my clients take their videos viral to focused, vertical markets.
  • I am discovering a dearth of very smart and talented people right here in my own back yard in San Antonio that are independent contractors I can team with and bring clients some very compelling services in PR — and yes, social media.

So Why The Social Media Thing?

– Some of the ways I've done PR in the past are broken, and inefficient.  The notion that it's my job to hound the media because I have worked with someone or have a relationship no longer holds true. 

– "Getting interviews" is good, but unless it serves an end purpose, then it's a waste of the client's money and my time.  I am now trying to steer clients towards "conversations" – both in real time through discussions and via commentary in the blogosphere.

-  "Being found" is paramount to getting press.  Pitching is what it is.  Yes, I still pitch, but not every pitch sticks.  And sometimes, a pitch, no matter how good, may be ill-timed, not of interest or just not appropriate at the time.

That's why being found it critical. 

I have found that my blog, the way I write, the way I tag and yes, the way I still pitch is a good place for clients to be found. 

My own has served as a central hub of information for clients who may not have the time or resources to blog, but need a way to be "found."  I've even gotten into snippets with clients when my blog outranks their own site. 

This happens not by design, but because of the way the search engines look for active and human powered content.

So Yes, I'm Still A PR Guy…

So not to worry, I have not gone off the deep end and into some new field of business communications.

I still think strategically and tie business goals with communications strategy.  

The focus is still on PR, with a slight bent to leveraging the power and measurability of what social media can bring.

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz – shot in a small town in Mexico during the summer of 2007


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