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What To Do After An Analyst Briefing

We recentlly had an analyst briefing for one of our clients with Gartner Group, the 1,000 pound gorilla.  After the briefing, we followed up with the analyst to ask if there was anything he needed at our end.  As it turns out, the briefing was timely because he was working on an industry report and he was going to include our client in it.

We offered to have the analyst send us his draft of his analysis with the stipulation that we could not edit his opinion and take on the state of the space, but make sure that it was technically accurate, based on our client’s technology and messaging.

As it turns out this helped both our client, and the analyst.  There were a couple of technical corrections that needed to be made, and one key message point that he missed. 

While we are serving our client, we are equally important serving the needs of the analyst-  and his subscribers.

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