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What I’ve Learned About The Role Of A Journalist By Being a Blogger

This is a follow up to my post from yesterday on what I am learning about by being a journalist in my other blog.

1.  Send me your news, but that does not mean I will write about you.

2.  Send me your news, and even if I don’t write about you, that does not mean that I am not interested. 

3.  Make sure the news you are sending to me fits the editorial fabric of my blog.  In other words, read my blog before you send something to me, or make a custom pitch.

4.  Custom pitches that aren’t time sensitive will usually yield better results for your pitch.

5.  Do not- repeat- do not send me an attached file.  I would much rather get your news, your pitch, your artwork somewhere on your site where I can download it. 

6.  If you are going to pitch, send a pitch via email.  If there is a news release associated with your pitch, embed the release in the email.

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