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What I’m Reading Next: “The Next Boom” @TheNextBoom by Jack Plunkett #TheNextBoom

I’ve known Jack Plunkett for over 25 years, so I think I am in a pretty good position to say that when he writes a book, it’s worth a read.  I just downloaded my copy on the iPad from the iTunes store, so I’ll be doing a review in the next couple of weeks. 

In spite of the global economic storm we’ve been through in the last two or three years, Jack appears to bring an uplifting message focused on globalization, education, innovation, energy, health care, consumers and younger generations.

I’m going to reserve commentary until I read The Next Boom, but in skimming through the pages, it appears he’s not just pontificating a future; he’s using hard core data and connecting the global economy’s dots together in a non-academic and very easy to read and understand way.

You can buy your copy on,, iBooks, etc. 

Review to come soon….


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