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What Brand Would You Like To Hear From At #BrandsConf?

 ?In the process of helping Jeff Pulver curate speakers for #BrandsConf , I had a spark at my local grocery store in San Antonio where I live.


Walking down the isles I thought, “who is the voice on Twitter and Facebook that’s hopefully listening to my favorite cereal, the brand of milk we drink prefer, or the yogurt I buy for healthy and good snacks..

Who’s Your Favorite Brand?

Be it at the grocery store, the car dealer, the auto repair shop, the department store you go to, the brand of shoes you like best, the shirts that fit you best, the detergent your family washes their clothes with, I’d like to ask for some help in curating speakers.

1.     Make a list of your ten favorite brands.

2.     Research their presence on twitter and see if they are listening.

3.     Send them a tweet- something like: 

       @nameofbrand – are you listening? Consider speaking at #BrandsConf –

       @nameofbrand – you’re my favorite _____? Why not speak at  #BrandsConf –

       @nameofbrand – how are you connecting with us?  Share your story at #BrandsConf –

I am hoping to get 250 community members to shout out to 10 of their favorite brands, resulting in 2,500 tweets to hopefully that many unique brands.

Win one of 5 Free Tickets to #BrandsConf

If you help us out, your name will go in a hopper and five of the 250 (or more) entries will win a free ticket to #BrandsConf (not including hotel / transportation).

With your help, I am sure we can collectively discover some amazing brands to share the stage at #BrandsConf 2011.

Thanks for your help and support!






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