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Cupron’s Patented Technology Harnesses The Power of Copper Oxide…

We’re currently handling a very interesting PR project for Cupron, who manufacturers and sells textile products that fight bacteria, fungi, and mold that attack fibers and fabrics and cause odor and degradation.

Cupron’s patented technology harnesses the power of copper oxide, the environmentally friendly and natural form of copper, and introduces it into fabrics, making everything from socks to towels fresher and cleaner by fighting odor-causing microbes.

Copper’s antimicrobial properties have been known for more than five Millennia. The ancient Egyptians used copper pipes to transport water to destroy parasites and other water-borne pathogens. Shipbuilders have used copper for thousands of years to keep algae from encrusting on the hulls of ships. French vintners have used a copper sulfate compound to fight fungus on grapevines for hundreds of years. Cupron’s technology now makes it possible to use these powerful and wide-ranging antimicrobial properties in new ways.

Check out the news story below to learn more….

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