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Weinkrantz / Palmero Award – Best of SXSW 2010 – And what’s next after SXSW

This video is illustrative of some of the fun that was had at SXSW. It was shot upon our return home, recognizing our Best of SXSW 2010. ( Hint: the award goes to a telephone company that’s becoming less and less a phone company. You gotta watch the video to find out who won…)

Tomorrow, it’s back to the real world and being back home in San Antonio.

SXSW Interactive was an energizing sequence of events, chance meetings, and connecting with people that I follow, read their content, or have a perception of their persona based on their online life.

This year, SXSW seemed more mainstream. The best sessions were not the sessions themselves, but rather meetings and discussions in the press room, the blogger’s lounge, the hallways, and noise permitting, the parties.

I especially enjoyed the role I played with my buddy, Nan Palmero, where we filed 55 stories (yes, foks – 54) for the San Antonio Express-News. The idea was to cover the cool kids and companies from San Antonio using SXSW as a backdrop. You may view our stories here.

Now it’s back to work. I’m following up with people I met, some new business opportunities and realizing that nothing changes overnight and nothing is really revolutionary.

Things gradually change.

SXSW lets me be a bit ahead of the curve, and help me be better at being better at serving my clients.

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