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Follow Up From Mercom Announcement

We are now doing follow up opportunities on yesterday’s announcement of Mercom Systems’ release of Mercom Virtual Media (MVM). This is an amazing technology which represents the next generation in removable and networked media management for call recorders, exclusively available for the award-winning Audiolog recording platform.

This basically lets users store and easily retrieve calls, complete with catalog database information, regardless of the third-party media type selected.

Mercom has been a client for almost five years and twice we’ve led campaigns about their being an INC 500 company. Since the start, the issue of controlling storage media selection for recorded calls has been in the hands of the logging manufacturer. The message we are broadcasting is that the end user, and not the call logging manufacturer should be the one to decide on what type of media storage they should use.

We focus on their leadership in providing easy-to-use multimedia recording and evaluation tools for contact centers. The next time you call your bank, fire department, brokerage firm, or anywhere calls are recorded and monitored, chances are its being done with Mercom technology.

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