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Differentiating Your Message

We are currently in the process of a messaging exercise for one of our fabless semiconductor clients.  In the discovery process, we are finding that each of the members of the management team has a slightly different way of explaining exactly what they do.  While the overall meaning is generally the same, it is important for team members to fine-tune their company messages to gain control of the exact way that they are perceived.  Consistent and compelling messaging is essential for articulating a company’s value to potential customers, other businesses, and the media.

Team members agree that their greatest communications goals and challenges include getting other leading companies to support them and buy their technology and keeping their biggest competitor. We’re helping our client develop stronger messages when it comes to how they differentiate their competitive advantage.

Initially the management team described to us that their technology was low-cost, robust, flexible, mature, and offering a high level of performance as well as good quality of service.  However, these descriptors tend to be fairly generic buzzwords that don’t really distinguish the company in a significant way or differentiate them from what other companies are saying.  Furthermore, these are adjectives that could be used to describe just about any type of technology.  So it’s important to clearly identify the problems their product will solve as well as the benefits it will provide.

Our client needs to needs to raise its profile and do it quickly – the next six months is a critical time as their prospective OEM customers are changing their business models, expanding their services, and making decisions about what technology they are going to use.

Effective messaging is key to generating widespread media coverage, which will in turn lead to increased customers and revenue.  Once the management team agrees on the key messages our client will be well positioned to go to the media and industry analysts with the story of the company and their products and should expect to generate positive and widespread press coverage as a result.

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