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Waves Scores Another Design Win: NEC

Our client, Waves, today anncounced that NEC, Japan’s leading personal computer company, has introduced five new personal computer systems in its popular VALUESTAR series with Waves patented MaxxBass® psychoacoustic bass extension technology. In a separate announcement, NEC introduced the VALUESTAR W series (VW900/CD and VW700/CD) with MaxxBass processing on integrated subwoofers and VALUESTAR VR series (VR770/CD, VR700/CD and VR500/CD) with MaxxBass processing on integrated stereo speakers. These desktop systems utilize Waves’ MaxxBass to deliver deeper, richer, more natural bass frequencies from speakers integrated directly into these desktop PC models.

We broadcasted the release not only in the U.S., but in Japan and Taiwan, as well as on PR Newswires Semicondctor MicroList.  When you do international announcements, you need to allow 2 – 3 days for translation in the corresponding country.

We also had a very good quote from one of the NEC executives where he said: "Waves MaxxBass technology allows our new PC models deliver rich and natural bass frequency response similar to home audio equipment," said Yoichi Yosida, VALUESTAR Product Planner, NEC. "Additionally, by delivering such rich and powerful bass from integrated speakers, MaxxBass helps NEC deliver a stylish and improved ergonomic system design to our customers."

So what MaxxBass so compelling? It’s not a bass boost technology, but instead uses a Waves patented psychoacoustic algorithm to allow you to hear bass far below the physical limitation of the speakers by taking advantage of the latest research in how sound is perceived. MaxxBass allows you to hear frequencies up to 1.5 octaves below what is generated. By enabling small full range speakers to be embedded in a wide range of consumer products, Waves is opening up a whole new realm of possible applications, including portable loudspeakers, car audio, LCD TVs, computers and home theater systems.

We have been working with Waves for going on seven years.  They are great and smart people and a joy to work with.  That’s where the fun of hard work at The Ranch comes into all of this.

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