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Waves MaxxBass® Technology Dramatically Improves Sound Quality of LCD TVs

Our client, Waves Audio Ltd,  announced today that JVC is receiving strong reviews for its new LCD TVs using Waves MaxxBass® technology

Read the news release here.  JVC is Waves’ first major LCD TV customer. Waves worked with Tower Semiconductor to rapidly deliver an improved MaxxBass ASIC, MX3000DS required for JVC’s LCD TV requirements.

Tower Semiconductor also put out their own news release and EE Times covered the story.

“Traditionally, it has been difficult to design TVs which provide rich, low sound” said Mitsuharu Nagai, President of AV Review Division, a popular consumer electronics magazine in Japan. “However, MaxxBass is an epoch-making technology that reconstructs the missing fundamental and allows the audience to feel live voice and sound, recreating rich low sound even from speakers with small volumes such as JVC’s new LCD TV models.”

“As the LCD TV market matures, fewer customers use external home theater audio systems, so the built-in audio must deliver great sound,” said Koichi Kotajima, manager of product planning at JVC Display Category.  “JVC models with MaxxBass deliver dramatically better audio performance than is otherwise possible in the slim LCD TV design style that consumers prefer.”

“Waves MaxxBass has already become a de facto standard in battery-operated iPod speakers, but the technical demands in LCD TVs are much more challenging,” said Paul Bundschuh, vice president sales & marketing, Waves Semiconductor Division.  “JVC required rapid silicon design changes to our standard MaxxBass ASIC, and thanks to Tower Semiconductor, Waves was able to deliver this new version on time for JVC’s models.”   

“Tower Semiconductor is excited to manufacture the MaxxBass ASIC for Waves,” said Dvir Hagay, vice president of sales for Europe and Asia, Tower Semiconductor Ltd.  “We expect the manufacturing volumes of the MaxxBass ASIC to continue to grow dramatically as it continues to gain popularity in LCD TVs, portable audio, and other consumer audio products.”

Not a Bass Boost Technology

MaxxBass is not a bass boost technology. Instead, it uses a Waves-patented psycho-acoustic algorithm which extends perceived bass response by up to 1.5 octaves. By enabling small speakers to deliver full range sound, Waves is improving the performance for a wide variety of consumer electronics products, including portable loudspeakers, car audio, LCD TVs, computers and home theater systems.

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