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Waves Lands Another Design Win: JVC Introduces Televisions with MaxxBass®

Our client, Waves Audio, Ltd., announced today that JVC has introduced several LCD TV models with Waves patented MaxxBass® psychoacoustic bass extension technology.105042_lt40ds7_tmp_b_1_1  In separate announcements, JVC has introduced several European and Japanese LCD TV products with MaxxBass processing, as well as their HD-ILA rear projection models for the North American market.  You may read the press release here.

Our client is the world’s leading provider of audio signal processing tools
for professionals. Its processors are used to improve sound quality in
the creation of practically all of the world’s most popular music,
movie soundtrack and multimedia titles.  This is one of many other design wins they have including many of the suppliers who make iPOD related speakers.  Here is a good article from Network World that talks about the Altec Lansing inMotion iM9 speakers.

As the market shifts to flat panels, there remains an issue with the sound quality of the audio.  That’s where Waves’ technology comes into play and why they are picking up more and design wins. 

This is Not a Bass Boost Technology

MaxxBass is not a bass boost technology, but instead uses a Waves patented psychoacoustic algorithm to allow you to hear bass far below the physical limitation of the speakers by taking advantage of the latest research in how sound is perceived.  MaxxBass allows you to hear frequencies up to 1.5 octaves below what is generated.  By enabling small full range speakers to be embedded in a wide range of consumer products, Waves is opening up a whole new realm of possible applications, including portable loudspeakers, car audio, LCD TVs, computers and home theater systems.

Using PR Newswire for Asian Distribution

PR Newswire has a new, low-cost distribution network, which for around $500 you can distribute your news translated into Japanese, to leading Japanese web based news media and portals.  You can buy Korea and China as well, but in this case, we opted out  because of our focus on reaching Japanese media.  We also bought the Silicon Valley circuit (in English) which helps us reach the right tech print and online media.

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