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Waves Announces Improved, Second Generation MX3000CS MaxxBass ASIC

Today, our client, Waves Audio Ltd., introduced  its improved, second generation MX3000CS MaxxBass ASIC. The new MX3000CS offers benefits in improved audio quality and several new features over the original MaxxBass ASIC.  Samples of the MX3000CS are now available to OEMs.

The original MX3000AS MaxxBass ASIC has been hugely successful for both Waves and many of its customers- some of which we were able to do press releases on in regards to design wins.   Here’s a story that came out today in the Hardware Zone Community site highllighting Wave’s technology.

Waves’ MaxxBass has enabled audio quality breakthroughs from small embedded speakers in many applications.  An entirely new market segment of high quality, small battery operated loudspeakers has been enabled with MaxxBass technology. For example iPod users have benefited from innovative MaxxBass enabled speaker products from Altec Lansing and several other manufacturers.

Not a Bass Boost Technology

MaxxBass is not a bass boost technology, but instead uses a Waves patented psychoacoustic algorithm to allow you to hear bass far below the physical limitation of the speakers by taking advantage of the latest research in how sound is perceived.  MaxxBass allows you to hear frequencies up to 1.5 octaves below what is generated.  By enabling small full range speakers to be embedded in a wide range of consumer products, Waves is opening up a whole new realm of possible applications, including portable loudspeakers, car audio, LCD TVs, computers and home theater systems.

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