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Watching the Israeli policital process in real time: a visit with Ehud Olmert and watching a Knesset session

Prior to the VON Visionaries Awards event in Jerusalem, we had the opportunity to brief Ehud Olmert, the Minister of Commerce and Industry on the Pulver VoIP Israel Summit.  Mr. Olmert is the former Mayor of Jerusalem and the Telecommunications Minister, and has had a personal stake in the deregulation of the telecommunications industry in Israel.

After our visit, we were in for a real treat:  we had a chance to watch a floor debate at the the Knisset (Israel’s Congress).  At stake:  a symbolic defeat for the government, with the opposition mangaging to pass no less than three no-confidence measures on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s government.  We were there right when the Knisset Speaker, Reuven Rivlin spoke out the Sharon’s coalition was reaching an end and that elections would be called soon.

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