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Wanted: Nano Materials Physicist for Client, Actium Biosystems #CureCancer

I’m working with client, Actium BioSystems, in developing a social communications strategy that is presently under way- including the idea of building a team via the social Internet.  We’re looking for a very special person in search of a new opportunity in their career who is an expert Nano Materials Physicist.  Since we are still a bit under the radar in terms of what we are doing, all I am allowed to say is that my client is engaged in the research and development of methods to advance treatments, a possible a cure for certain types of cancer using physics/engineering solutions vs. drugs and chemotherapy approaches.  The client is based in Texas, and its principle technology development arm located in Boulder, Colorado.  Actium is a privately held company established with the goal of truly making a difference in the treatment of cancer.  

 Here’s the job description…

Masters or equivalent in Nano-Particle Physics, PhD preferred. Preferred Experience:
Minimum five years working with nanoparticles. Understanding of quantum nano-behavior Understanding of nano particle behavior in external fields….i.e. Optical,
Magnetic, Electrical. Knowledge of nano particle handling procedures Ability to conduct empirical and analytical studies of nano particles with and
without external field excitation.
Acitum BioSystems is a startup technology company with a focused research and development effort using advanced materials for medical applications.
The Company offers a competitive salary and benefits package. 

If you’re  the right person, or know of someone who might be the right fit, please forward a cover letter and CV to:
Lynn Quire Office Manager

I’m trying a bit of an experiment in hopes that I can use this my site and the power of the social Internet to help them discover and connect with a new team member.  
Are you out there?

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