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Wanna Pitch a Story? Pitch It To Yourself, First

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a client that we are doing a project for. 

My team is helping the client define a new market segment they are going to create in a particular sector of the high tech service industry.  We have targeted several major publications who should be interested in the fundamental concept of what they are doing, but need to have our pitch down right.

In the interview process, my client was articulating his vision.

We took notes.

We listened.

We asked questions.

We took more notes.

Next….we’re going to come back to him with our pitch- back to him.

After that, he’s going to run our pitch to his board members, select vendors, and a couple of industry analysts we are friendly with.

This all seems like common sense, and it is. 

Try this process, before you pitch. 

Make sure you and your supply chain get it before you pitch.

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2008 – shot on location at a Houston Texans football game in 2007

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