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Wanna Brain Storm? Please Email Me An Agenda

Five minutes here.  

Five minutes there.  

It’s not the five minutes.  

It’s the 30 minutes it turns into when you engage with someone who just wants five minutes of your time.  


Photo shot on location somewhere in the Rio Grande Valley at random carnival I stumbled into.

I am always happy to brainstorm or help you, but if you want my help, email me an agenda, so we can avoid the circus act and so that I can help with your expected outcomes and your budget. 

Sending an agenda shows you care and respect the receiving end.  

Even in a startup, and working in small teams, bring a short list with an agenda, expected outcomes, and understand the cycles it will consume at your end and the receiptient’s. 

Maybe what you wanted to brainstorm about was not so critical afterall.  If it’s just a verification of something you think is right, brainstorming in that vein can be a good thing.

 Before you engage with your time, or someone else’s write the agenda down.

It will make you think and help you determine if what’s rattling around in your brain is that important after all.



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