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VON Visionaries Awards in Jerusalem

Tonight marked the beginning of the
Pulver Israel VoIP Summit.  This evening at City Hall in Jerusalem, Jeff Pulver,
presented the VON Visionary Award to 23 individuals who were integral
to the origin and development of commercial VoIP. 

Of these 23
recipients, eleven did their pioneering work for VocalTec (Rami Amit,
Alon Cohen, Lior Haramaty, Guy Kahane, Opher Kahane, Max Levy, Ofer
Shem Tov, Yael Siaki, Elad Sion, Michal Sufa and Dror Tirosh), ten for
IBM (Yuval Berger, Dror Gill, Ruthy Katz, Avi Magid, Yoav Medan, Scott
Petrack, Aharon Satt, Tal Segalov, Naftaly Sharir, and Uzi Shvadron),
one for our cliient, AudioCodes (Shabtai Adlersberg), and one for Radvision (Eli

The work that these people have done has transformed the field of
telecommunications as we know it today.  This  award recognizes
outstanding achievement in the development of voice applications that
changed the model of how we communicate and thus freeing the
marketplace to think beyond the traditional telecommunications mindset.

2005 marks the 10th anniversary of VocalTec’s introduction of the
IPhone, the commercial starting point for the VoIP industry.  It also
represents the 10th anniversary of IBM’s initial VoIP software
implementation, which was the direct result of Internet telephony
research performed by the company at their lab in Haifa, Israel. 

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