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Voice & Video Engine Driving High Capacity Distribution of Telecom Multimedia Applications to be Demonstrated by Surf Communication Solutions

If you are a member of the media or an industry analyst attending the ATCA Summit in Santa Clara, our client, Surf Communication Solutions will be in booth #205.

Demonstrations at the event utilizes Surf’s SurfRider/AMC DSP resource board and media processing enabling technologies, which are pre-integrated with ATCA and MicroTCA chassis from a variety of leading hardware and communications server providers. The following vendors will showcase the SurfRider/AMC integrated with their own ATCA and MicroTCA offering:

Motorola’s Embedded Communication Computing business is showing a MicroTCA based communications server configured to demonstrate video conferencing that uses Surf’s SurfRider/AMC form factor DSP resource board.

Interphase will showcase Surf’s SurfRider/AMC DSP resource board and Surf’s voice and video media processing capabilities. This includes streaming, conferencing and recording to demonstrate Surf’s key media processing AMC-based features that are integrated and interoperable with Interphase’s ATCA and AMC products.

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems will showcase Surf’s SurfRider/AMC DSP resource board.

Surf’s products are optimized for media gateway applications and media server/CTI/ messaging/ streaming/ recording/ conferencing applications. Audio and video streaming capabilities as well as audio and video mixing capabilities (including dominant speaker detection) are also supported. These solutions are provided on a variety of platforms: AMC/PTMC DSP farms as well as PCI cards and DSP chip-level. In addition, Surf has cooperation agreements with leading cPCI, ATCA and MicroTCA manufacturers to provide an integrated solution of Surf’s AMC/PTMC mezzanine cards mounted on cPCI, ATCA and MicroTCA carriers.

Surf’s unique approach of converging audio and video processing running on the same DSPs/sub-systems offers greater flexibility for media gateway and media server developers, and enables better utilization of CPU horse power resulting in high quality, cost-effective solutions. 

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