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Visions For Global Startups Rise During Geek Fantasy Camp / Santiago

At the ripe old age of 27, Ecoswarm CEO, Pranay Krishen has already led the SunStang Project – a team of 40+ cross-disciplinary students that designed and built a full-scale solar power race car that traversed the 3021km Australian Outback,  served as a Canadian cleantech trade ambassador to Brazil; co-founded CampusTouch, a campus-wide student lifestyle platform; led the deployment of a Jordanian Eco-Schools program nationwide; researched Meditteranean applications for advanced PV systems with EU networks for innovation (FP7-CORDIS); and founded EcoAlliance Cleantech, a photovoltaic systems integrator in India.

During Geek Fantasy Camp / Santiago, I met and helped mentor Pranay on his vision to build a global platform for consumers and professionals to discover and share content about sustainable development and green related interests.

Pranay represents many of the startup entrepreneurs that I met this week in Santiago, who have their sites on starting here, and growing worldwide.

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