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Using or Getting a .Mac Account? Get a Good Name That Goes Well With .Me

I’ve been a long time .Mac user.  And now with introduction of MobileMe and the new naming convention, here’s your chance to get in early on having a great email address name.

Picture_1_3 For me, .Mac has been great place to store content and have an alternative email address (or an alias) when needed.

Now with the changeover to the .Me platform, if you are a .Mac user, don’t forget that you get an additional 5 alias addresses. 

If you want to get a new alias address, think about what might go well with

Me?  I now have….or what will soon be:

  • alanweinkrantz at me dot com
  • weinkrantz at me dot com
  • uverse at me dot com
  • itsyouandme at me dot com
  • seeits at me dot com

And if you are not a .Mac user and want to become one soon, sign up now, and create a great name for yourself!

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