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Updates on emoze…

We’re getting the word out about our latest client, emoze, a subsidiary of the Emblaze Group (LSE: BLZ – News), which provides free software to personal and business users that allows them to make the most of their mobile phone or device. With emoze, mobile users can securely send and receive push emails and other data with a simple download. There’s no need for your mobile to be a dinosaur!


Q: What is emoze?

A: emoze is a global email service for mobile devices (Smartphones, wireless PDAs and standard feature phones) that provides individuals, small businesses and independent professionals with the opportunity to take up an enterprise-level email service without paying high prices. It works just like a BlackBerry(TM) "pushing" e-mails to your Smartphone, PDA or standard feature phone, but can be established without the high set-up costs, hardware charge and hassle of other enterprise email services. Each and every user simply downloads emoze from, sets up their own account and begins to receive push emails and personal information management (PIM) data – calendar, contacts, tasks and notes – directly to their device.

Q: Isn’t this just an email redirector?

A: No, emoze is push email software. It uses native application programming interface (such as MAPI or IBM Lotus C++ API) to connect to Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino servers. MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) is implemented by a set of components that expose APIs that applications like Outlook and IBM Lotus use to connect to remote mail servers.

Q: Why do we need it?

A: emoze is for mobile device users that want to receive and send emails and PIM data to and from their devices on the move, and do not have a Blackberry(TM) or similar.

Q: How is it different from similar services?

A: emoze is free, it works on all leading brands of mobile device and is completely secure according to industry standards.

Q: With emoze, how secure are my emails and data?

A: emoze boasts an extremely secure service. All messages are encrypted behind the firewall (either home or corporate network), and can be decrypted only when they reach the right mobile device or PC. Encryption keys are stored in the user’s mobile device and PC. No data and no encryption key, at any point, are accessible within the server or over any wireless network.

Q: Are emoze users a threat from adware or spyware?

A: Definitely not! emoze does not contain any kind of spyware or adware.

Q: Isn’t this market pretty much sewn up by RIM and Microsoft?

A: RIM has done a magnificent job of launching this market and Microsoft will offer a strong competitive alternative. However, both those giants – as well as the other, smaller players such as Seven, Visto, Intellisync (Nokia) and Motorola Good – are targeting corporate users and using mobile operators to sell-in their products. That market has recruited only about 10 million mobile email users.

However, there are currently over 100 million devices that are capable of receiving push email, and 2007 will bring an additional 100 million devices to the market (Source: Strategy Analytics). The market is nowhere near saturation. emoze is targeting users who are not in the RIM or Microsoft market share – that includes individuals, small businesses and independent professionals; just about anyone with a capable device and email account.

About emoze

emoze turns mobile phones and mobile devices in to fully functional personal communication devices with a single, simple and free download for the individual user. It delivers real-time, secure synchronization of emails, calendars, contacts and tasks – pushing data and updates to you anytime, anywhere using any mobile service provider network or WiFi and all leading brands of mobile device. Download, registration and use of emoze are all free for the individual user. Users need a data package from their mobile service provider. emoze supports all popular email data sources (e.g. Lotus Notes and Domino Servers, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, PoP3 and Web-Access) and mobile device operating systems, and provides a simple user interface and high level security for emails and data.

As a spin-off of Emblaze in 2006, emoze has users in almost every country worldwide. emoze is a subsidiary of the Emblaze Group (LSE: BLZ – News). For more information, please visit Stay connected with emoze – wherever you are!

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